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Top 5 Alternative Investments in 2012

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As alternative investments are becoming increasingly mainstream, itís becoming easier for investors to make money from investing in more exciting assets. Here are 5 promising alternative investment opportunities you can use to your advantage this year:

1)  Forestry Investments

Investing in a forest, whether it is the trees, the land, or both, is becoming increasingly accessible for UK residents and Europeans in general. Forestry investments are some of the ëgreenestí you can currently make.

2) Fine Wine Investments

Having become increasingly profitable over the last decades, fine wine investments are some of the most enjoyable alternative investments you can make, especially if you love wine. But beware, fine wine investments entail much more than buying fine wine, storing it in a cellar, and reselling it some years later for a profit.

3) Gold Investments

The stability of the gold market makes gold investments some of the safest investment opportunities you can take advantage of in 2012. Treasured the world over, gold is an excellent asset for any serious investor

4) Silver Investments

The rise in value of silver that occurred in 2010 and 2011 recommends silver investments as some of the most lucrative investments in precious metals that can be currently made. That said, the silver market does have some fluctuations, so you need to analyse the history of market before acting

5)  Diamond Investments

Diamonds investments are probably the most extravagant alternative investments you can make. The advantage of diamonds over other assets boils down to the relatively insignificant space they require, as well as their toughness, which enables you to wear them without having to worry too much about ruining your investment. Although exciting, diamond investments are not for the uninitiated.

Regardless of what alternative investment opportunities you decide to make use of in 2012, it is important that you compare the markets before acting. Doing your research before investing dramatically reduces your chances of going wrong so ask the expert to source you great alternative investment opportunities today.

Source: www.comparethefinancialmarkets.com

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