VM   Corporate Bonds, FAQ, Financial Advice   August 03, 2012  

Are corporate bonds a good choice now?

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A quick video demonstrating why Corporate Bonds are a wise investment now, it argues that:

  1. Corporate Bonds currently have higher yields than Government bonds
  2. Great diversification with:
  3. Approx. 3% for corporate yields
  4. 1% for government yields in Germany
  5. Lower risk:
  6. Euro corporates: average: A2
  7. Government bonds: several have now been downgraded to HY
  8. Outlook:
  9. Government interest rates will stay low
  10. European central bank may even cut rates again
  11. Many companies are in good health & have reduced their debt in recent years
  12. Therefore their yields may fall from current levels, leading to additional returns for investors

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